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What is the cold rolling process?

Release Tme: 2024-04-26
What is the cold rolling process?
1. Cold rolling introduction
2. Characteristics of cold rolling
3. Advantages of cold rolling
4. Disadvantages of cold rolling
5. Company profile

1. Cold rolling introduction
The cold rolling process is a manufacturing process used to work sheet metal, usually carried out at room temperature. This process makes sheet metal thinner and flatter through continuous rolling and processing, and improves its surface quality and mechanical properties.

The cold rolling process is usually divided into the following steps:
Raw material preparation: Select the appropriate metal raw material, usually hot rolled steel plate, to prepare for cold rolling.
Pretreatment: The hot-rolled steel plate is treated with pickling, pickling and cleaning to remove surface oxides and impurities and prepare for subsequent processing.
Cold rolling: The pre-treated steel plate is continuously rolled through the cold rolling mill to gradually reduce its thickness. In the cold rolling process, steel plates are fed into the mill and squeezed and stretched through a series of rolls to make them thinner.
Processing and adjustment: During the rolling process, the size and shape of the steel plate can be controlled by the rolling and adjusting device of the cold mill to meet specific requirements.
Surface treatment: Cold-rolled steel sheets may undergo surface treatment, such as coating, polishing, or painting, to improve their surface quality and appearance.
Final inspection and packaging: After the cold rolling process is completed, the final quality inspection of the steel plate is carried out, including the inspection of size, surface quality and mechanical properties. The steel plate is packed into rolls or plates by a suitable packaging method for easy transportation and storage.
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cold rolled steel coil
2. Characteristics of cold rolling
01 cold rolled steel plate due to a certain degree of work hardening, low toughness, the price is more expensive.
02. Cold rolling processing surface without oxide, good quality.
03. The product made of cold deformation has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.
04. Cold rolling is widely used in all walks of life because of its production process, such as all kinds of cold stamping parts, cold rolling cold extrusion profiles, cold coil springs, cold drawn wire, cold heading bolts, etc.

3. Advantages of cold rolling
The molding speed is fast, the output is high, and the coating is not damaged, and it can be made into a variety of cross section forms to meet the needs of the use conditions; Cold rolling can produce great plastic deformation of steel, thus increasing the yield point of steel.

4. Disadvantages of cold rolling
01. Although there is no hot plastic compression in the molding process, there is still residual stress in the section, which will inevitably affect the overall and local buckling characteristics of the steel.
02. The cold-rolled steel style is generally an open section, which makes the free torsional stiffness of the section low. It is easy to appear torsion when bending, and easy to appear bending and torsional buckling when pressurized, and the torsional resistance is poor.
03. The wall thickness of cold-rolled steel is small, and it is not thickened at the corner of the connection of the plate, and the ability to bear the local concentrated load is weak.

5. Company profile
GNEE STEEL Co., LTD., founded in Anyang, Henan Province in 2008, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, is the largest cold-rolled steel trading, processing, distribution and warehousing center in North China, and has been continuously rated as a "quality and credit" enterprise by the government.

The company mainly engaged in all kinds of cold rolled steel sheet, coil, processing parts, etc., under the processing center has a matching automatic CNC cold and hot rolling flattening machine, slabbing machine, whole roll oil grinder, surface polishing machine, imported laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, bending machine, three-dimensional warehouse processing storage equipment, precision equipment.

The company has a superb team of technicians and a scientific and standardized 6S management system, which effectively guarantees product quality and can provide customers with personalized customized services. If you are interested in cold rolled steel products, please feel free to contact us.
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