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Galvanized Steel VS Aluminum

Release Tme: 2023-11-27
Galvanized Steel VS Aluminum

Galvanized steel and aluminum are two materials commonly used in construction and manufacturing. They all have unique properties and are suitable for different applications.
galvanized steel
Galvanized Steel vs Aluminum Corrosion
Galvanized steel is steel coated with zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. The zinc coating acts as a sacrificial anode, corroding first to protect the underlying steel. Therefore, galvanized steel is very resistant to corrosion and is ideal for outdoor applications.

Likewise, aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion due to the formation of a thin, dense layer of aluminum oxide on its surface. This layer of aluminum oxide acts as a barrier, protecting the metal underneath from further corrosion. In addition, this layer of aluminum oxide has the ability to self-heal. If the aluminum surface is scratched or damaged, the aluminum oxide layer can quickly re-form and prevent further corrosion from occurring.
Both galvanized steel and aluminum offer excellent corrosion resistance. But aluminum is more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel.

In terms of weight, aluminum plates are the lightest, while galvanized plates and tin-plated plates have the same weight.
galvanized steel
Judging from the appearance, the brightness of tin-plated sheets is much brighter than that of galvanized sheets.

The mechanical strength and toughness are definitely better than galvanized sheets, and the cheaper ones are galvanized sheets. The acid and alkali resistance and service life are definitely better than aluminum alloys.

Of course, aluminum alloy is better for aesthetics. The weight and mechanical properties ratio of aluminum alloy is better. In terms of ease of processing, aluminum alloy is better.

The key is your preference for choice. If the strength of aluminum alloy of the same thickness can meet the usage requirements and the price is within the budget, of course you should choose aluminum alloy. If the strength of the aluminum alloy cannot meet the usage requirements, or the price exceeds the budget, then the only choice is galvanized sheet.

Galvanized steel pipe VS aluminum
1. The inner surface of galvanized steel pipe is smooth and clean, and the self-oxidation layer is corrosion-resistant. Compressed air has low pressure loss and saves energy.
2. Galvanized steel pipes are beautiful and simple.
3. Aluminum alloy is easy to install, mainly quick plug. Installation costs are low.
4. Aluminum alloy is easy to disassemble, move and modify.

1. The price of aluminum alloy pipes and joints is higher than that of galvanized pipes.
2. Aluminum alloy steel pipes cannot be used as water pipes because aluminum pipes are not as rigid as galvanized pipes, but they are very flexible.
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