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Chilean customer orders 700 tons of cold-rolled closed annealed steel coils
In May 2024, GNEE company welcomed customers from Chile, who showed strong interest in our cold rolled closed annealed steel coils.
GI coil
GI coil is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, which involves continuously immersing rolled steel plates in a molten zinc plating bath to produce galvanized steel plates
GNEE STEEL held an employee commendation conference
GNEE STEEL holds an employee recognition conference: paying tribute to the hardworking and creating brilliance together
Welcome Korean customers to GNEE steel
GNEE Steel welcomes Korean customers and successfully signs an order for 2,000 tons of hot-dip galvanized steel plates.
Welcome Indian customers to GNEE
In March 2024, we received an email from a customer in India asking us about the price of galvanized steel products and product quality.
Welcome Indian customers to GNEE STEEL
In April 2024, our Indian customer, a well-known real estate and construction contractor company in India, purchased 600 tons of DX51D Z275 galvanized steel coils for their construction projects.
Grade DX57D is a super deep drawing grade and is suitable for extremely high forming requirements.
Galvanized steel metal sheet
Galvanized steel is steel that has been galvanized and is covered with a layer of zinc. Here are the pros and cons of galvanized steel:
Imperial 24 in x 3 ft galvanized steel sheet metal
GNEE STEEL Company is a steel company from Henan Province, China, specializing in the production of antibacterial steel coils, galvanized steel sheets and coils, and color-coated steel coils.
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