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Chilean customer orders 700 tons of cold-rolled closed annealed steel coils

Release Tme: 2024-05-17
Chilean customer orders 700 tons of cold-rolled closed annealed steel coils
In May 2024, GNEE company welcomed customers from Chile, who showed strong interest in our cold rolled closed annealed steel coils. In order to let customers better understand our products and production processes, we specially arranged a comprehensive visit and introduction.
Cold Rolled Close Annealed Coils (CRCA)
Visit the office environment and factory
After the customers arrived, we first took them to visit the GNEE company's office environment, showing our advanced office equipment and efficient work processes. Subsequently, the customer visited our production factory. During the factory tour, we introduced in detail the production process of cold-rolled closed annealed steel coils, including all aspects of the cold rolling and annealing processes. By seeing our production equipment and process with their own eyes, customers have a more intuitive understanding of our production capabilities and technical levels.
cold rolling and annealing
cold rolled cold annealed steel
Answer customer questions in detail
During the visit, customers raised some specific questions about the product production process and quality assurance. Our technical team and quality inspection team answered customers' questions in detail and introduced the strict quality control measures we have taken during the production process to ensure that each cold-rolled closed annealed steel coil meets international standards. We also showcased various quality testing equipment and methods, further enhancing customers' confidence in the quality of our products.
cold rolled cold annealed
Reach cooperation
After in-depth understanding and communication, the customer highly recognized GNEE's product quality and production capabilities. Finally, the customer decided to order 700 tons of cold-rolled closed annealed steel coils. This is not only trust in our products, but also a high praise for the professionalism and service attitude of our team.

Thank you for your trust
We are very grateful to our Chilean customers for their trust in GNEE. This cooperation not only opened up the international market for us, but also laid a solid foundation for our future cooperation. GNEE will continue to provide high-quality products and professional services, and looks forward to cooperating with more international customers for common development.

Why choose GNEE STEEL's Cold Rolled Coils?
Introducing our CR Coils, it is the perfect choice to meet your construction and manufacturing needs. This Cold Rolled Coil is made of high-quality soft steel, with a smooth pattern and a matte surface, ensuring a perfect and flawless appearance. Our CR coils are customizable and have strong adaptability. Precision machining, with CRCA (cold rolled compact annealing) grade, ensuring durability and strength. The surface treatment includes a protective oil coating that can increase corrosion resistance. This product is delivered in coil packaging and can be used immediately. We believe that our CR Coil can provide excellent performance in your project.If you are interested in our products, please feel free to inquire!
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