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How to distinguish between pickled plate and cold-rolled plate?
Pickled plate is a hot-rolled plate that has been subjected to processes such as dephosphorization (removing rust, residues, etc. generated during hot rolling) and pickled on the surface to obtain a steel plate with better surface performance than hot-rolled plate.
What is tinplate coil?
Tinplate coil is a process of thinly coating tin (Sn) on steel coils or steel strips. Tinplate is a lightweight, cold-rolled low-carbon steel plate or strip coated on both sides with industrial pure tin.
Electrolytic chromium coated steel
TFS is a cold-rolled steel characterized by its thin gauges between 0,13 – 0,50 mm.
GI Corrugated Sheet
GI corrugated sheet is a cold-rolled continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and strip with a thickness of 0.25~2.5mm.
Hot-dip galvanized square pipe
Hot-dip galvanized square pipe is a square pipe made of steel plate or steel strip after crimping and welding, which is formed by a series of chemical reactions in hot-dip galvanized pool.
What is the cold rolling process?
The cold rolling process is a manufacturing process used to work sheet metal, usually carried out at room temperature.
Cold rolled steel
Cold rolling refers to processing steel plates or steel strips into various types of steel through cold drawing, cold bending, cold drawing and other cold processing at normal temperature.
Electro galvanised steel sheet
We keep in stock and supply our customers with electrogalvanized sheets of various sizes and thicknesses.
DX52D is available in thicknesses of 0.50-3.00 mm and widths up to 1520 mm.
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