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GI Corrugated Sheet

Release Tme: 2024-05-08
GI corrugated sheet is a cold-rolled continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and strip with a thickness of 0.25~2.5mm. It is widely used in construction, packaging, railway vehicles, agricultural machinery manufacturing, and daily necessities.
corrugated gi sheet price
GI corrugated sheet are a lightweight roofing material made of thin sheets, stiff by corrugations Corrections, such as waves, consistently increase the strength and stiffness of the lightweight material Independent, without these waves, the metal sheets are fragile and highly deformable.
Brand GNEE
Usage/Application Roofing
Features Water Proof, Tamper Proof, Corrosion Resistant
Surface Treatment Galvanised
Technique Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled
gi sheet corrugated price

The Key Benefits & Advantages of GI Corrugated Sheet are as below :

1) Light weight, high impact strength & easy to use

2) Deep corrugations provide an aesthetic look to the roof as compared to previously used asbestos  sheets.

3) Strength of Corrugation design allows for a longer span and higher allowable loads.

4) Various corrugation profiles :- Wave Profile(Sinusoidal – Most commonly used), Box Profile ( Trapezoidal) , Tile Profile , Micro Corrugation Profile.

5) The Thickness and width is variable as per different profiles so clients can choose from a wide variety.

6) The base materials for the  Roofing sheet can be changed as per requirement to  galvanized steel (GI), prepainted galvanized steel (PPGI), also  galvalume steel (GL/AZ)and prepainted galvalume steel (PPGL / PPAZ).

7) The GI /PPGI Roofing sheet continuously reflect solar heat thus helping to save on cooling costs and in minimizing energy consumption.

GNEE provides various galvanized corrugated plates. GNEE was founded in 2008 as the fastest-growing manufacturer, trader, and service provider of high demand industrial products. We have always been committed to innovation and exquisite craftsmanship. Welcome to contact us at any time to obtain product quotations!

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