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Hot-dip galvanized square pipe

Release Tme: 2024-04-29
Hot-dip galvanized square pipe

Hot-dip galvanized square pipe is a square pipe made of steel plate or steel strip after crimping and welding, which is formed by a series of chemical reactions in hot-dip galvanized pool. It can also be a hollow square cross-section steel pipe made by cold bending of hot-rolled or cold-rolled galvanized steel strip and then high frequency welding.

Hot-dip galvanized square pipe has good strength, toughness, plasticity, welding and other process properties and has good ductility, its alloy layer is firmly attached to the steel base, so the hot-dip galvanized square pipe can be cold stamping, rolling, wire drawing, bending and other forms without damaging the coating; Suitable for general processing such as drilling, cutting, welding, cold bending and other processes.

The surface of hot-dip galvanized parts is bright and beautiful, and can be directly used in engineering according to demand.
Hot-dip galvanized square pipe
galvanized square pipe
Manufacturing process
1. Pickling: The steel pipe may first undergo pickling treatment to remove impurities such as oxides and oils on the surface. This step helps to ensure that the zinc coating is fully integrated with the surface of the steel tube.
2. Hot dip galvanizing: After pickling, the square tube is immersed in molten zinc, usually in molten zinc solution at about 450 degrees Celsius. In this process, a uniform, dense zinc coating is formed on the surface of the steel pipe.
3. Cooling: The square tube after dipping is cooled to ensure that the zinc coating can be firmly attached to the surface of the steel pipe.

Coating characteristics
1. Corrosion resistance: Zinc coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, so that the steel pipe can maintain a long service life in a humid and corrosive environment.
2. Weather resistance: hot-dip galvanized square pipe has good weather resistance under different climatic conditions, and can maintain its appearance and performance for a long time.

Advantages of hot-dip galvanized square pipe
1. Good corrosion resistance: Zinc coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, making hot dip galvanized square pipe has excellent performance in wet and corrosive environment.
2. Reliable weather resistance: suitable for various climatic conditions, maintain long-term stability.
3. Cost effectiveness: Compared with other anti-corrosion treatment methods, hot-dip galvanizing provides a relatively economic solution.

Application field
1. Building structure: Used for building Bridges, roof truss, building structure, etc., to provide structural stability and anti-corrosion.
2. Pipeline transportation: used to transport liquids and gases, such as water pipes, gas pipes, etc., to ensure long life and not easy to rust.
3. Mechanical manufacturing: as an integral part of mechanical structure, it provides strength and anti-corrosion.
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