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What are the advantages of galvanized coil sheets?

Release Tme: 2023-11-17
What are the advantages of galvanized coil sheets?

The surface of galvanized steel plate has unique smooth, flat and gorgeous star flowers, with a silver-white background color. The special coating structure gives it excellent corrosion resistance. The normal service life of galvanized sheets can reach 25 years. It has very good heat resistance and can be used in high temperature environments of 315°C. It has good adhesion between the coating and the paint film and has good processing performance, and can be stamped, cut, and welded. etc.; The surface conductivity is very good.
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  The advantages are as follows:
1. Corrosion resistance: Galvanized sheets have strong corrosion resistance, and their normal service life can reach 25 years, which is 3-6 times longer than galvanized sheets and comparable to stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of galvanized sheets comes from the barrier protection function of aluminum and the dedication protection function of zinc. While zinc sacrifices protection against cuts, scratches, and scratches in the coating, aluminum forms an insoluble oxide layer that acts as a barrier to protection. After more than 20 years of outdoor exposure tests on galvalume-coated steel coils in various atmospheric environments, it has been proven that the edge protection performance of 55% galvalume-coated steel sheets is better than that of ordinary galvalume-coated steel sheets. Galvanized steel plate and 5% Al-Zn coated steel plate. better one.
2. Heat resistance: Galvanized steel plate has high heat reflectivity and is suitable as a roof material. Galvanized steel itself has excellent heat resistance and can be used in high temperature environments up to 315 degrees.
3. Recoatability: (paint film adhesion) Galvanized sheets can maintain good adhesion with the paint film and can be directly sprayed with paint or powder without special pretreatment.
4. Corrosion resistance after painting: After the galvanized sheet itself is partially painted and baked, the corrosion resistance of the unpainted parts is slightly reduced. The performance is far better than electro-galvanized color zinc, electro-galvanized sheet, and hot-dip galvanized sheet.
5. Mechanical processability: (shearing, stamping, spot welding, seam welding) Galvanized steel plate has excellent processing properties and can be stamped, sheared, welded, etc. The coating has good adhesion and impact resistance.
6. Electrical conductivity: The surface of the galvanized sheet has been specially waxed to meet the requirements of electromagnetic shielding.
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The role of galvanized coils
1. Enhance corrosion resistance: During use, steel is easily corroded by corrosive substances such as oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide, leading to rust and corrosion of steel. Through the treatment of galvanized coils, a strong zinc layer can be formed on the surface of the steel to effectively prevent the steel from corrosion.
2. Enhance the aesthetics: After the steel is galvanized, the surface shows a bright silver luster, which is not only beautiful but also has a longer life.
3. Convenient processing: Galvanized coils have good processing properties and can be easily processed by cutting, bending and welding. They are widely used in construction, home furnishing, manufacturing and other fields.
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