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Uses of galvanized steel strips

Release Tme: 2023-11-20
Uses of galvanized steel strips
Galvanized steel strip is processed by pickling, galvanizing, packaging and other processes of ordinary steel strip. It is widely used because of its good anti-corrosion performance. It is mainly used to make metal products that are cold processed and no longer galvanized. For example: light steel keels, guardrail net peach-shaped columns, sinks, rolling shutter doors, bridges and other metal products.
Galvanized steel strip
Anti-corrosion properties

General civilian use:
Processing household appliances
galvanized metal
Light steel keels, roofs, ceilings, etc.

General civilian use:
Processing household appliances, such as sinks, etc., can reinforce door panels, etc., or strengthen kitchen utensils, etc.

Light steel keels, roofs, ceilings, walls, water shields, rain slats, rolling shutter doors, warehouse interior and exterior panels, insulation pipe shells, etc.

Household appliances:
Reinforcement and protection in household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, showers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Automobile industry:
Cars, trucks, trailers, luggage carts, refrigerated truck parts, garage doors, wipers, fenders, fuel tanks, water tanks, etc.

Industrial industry:
As the base material of stamping materials, it is used in bicycles, digital products, armored cables, etc.

Other aspects:
Equipment box covers, electrical cabinets, instrument panels, office furniture, etc.
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