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10MVA-33/33kV autotransformer in the tank

Release Tme: 2024-03-12
10MVA-33/33kV autotransformer in the tank

What is an autotransformer?

The secondary winding of the autotransformer is an integral part of the primary winding. Such a transformer seems to have only one winding, so it is also called a "single winding transformer". According to the three-terminal coupling inductor connected at different ends in the circuit theory, the primary side and secondary side coupling inductance can be decoupled. When the voltage is applied to the primary side and the secondary side is short-circuited, or when the voltage is applied to the secondary side and the primary side is short-circuited, the equivalent leakage reactance of the primary side or secondary side of the autotransformer can be obtained. An autotransformer is a special transformer with no insulation between the primary and secondary, that is, a special transformer in which the output and input share a set of coils. In other words, the primary and secondary transformers are on the same winding resistance.
Advantages of autotransformers:

1) Less material consumption and low cost. 2) Less loss and high efficiency. Due to the reduced consumption of copper wires and silicon steel sheets, under the same current density and magnetic flux density, the copper loss and iron loss of the adaptive transformer are lower than those of the two-winding transformer, so the efficiency is higher. 3) Easy to transport and install. Because it is lighter, smaller and occupies less space than a double-winding transformer of the same capacity. 4) Improved the ultimate manufacturing capacity of transformers. The final manufacturing capacity of transformers is generally limited by transportation conditions. Under the same transportation conditions, the capacity of the autotransformer can be greater than that of the two-winding transformer.
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