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Introduce cold rolled steel plate

Release Tme: 2023-11-21
Cold-rolled steel plate, with smooth surface and excellent processing, is used in automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances, as well as industrial equipment and various building materials. With economic development, cold-rolled steel plates have been called a necessary material in modern society.

Classification of cold-rolled products: hot-rolled pickling, hard-rolled coils, ordinary cold-rolled, galvanized (electro-galvanized, fingerprint-resistant, hot-dip galvanized), galvanized, electro-tin plated, color-coated, electrical steel (silicon steel sheets) wait.
gnee steel plate
1. Hot-rolled pickling is divided into original pickling plates (rolls) and processed pickling plates. Original pickling involves oiling, packaging and shipping after pickling by the manufacturer. Generally, the surface quality is good. In some fields, it is Replace cold-rolled plates (the price is lower than cold-rolled coils). Processing and pickling means that after traders get the hot rolled coils from the manufacturer, they are pickled, flattened or slit in a dedicated pickling plant.

2. Rolling hard coils: Continuous rolling of hot-rolled pickled coils at normal temperature.
Product features: Because it has not been annealed
Processing, its hardness is very high (HRB greater than 90), and its machining performance is extremely poor. It can only perform simple directional bending processing of less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the coiling direction).

3. Types of cold rolled products
(1) After annealing, it is processed into ordinary cold rolling;
(2) Galvanizing is processed by a galvanizing unit with a pre-annealing device;
(3) Panels that basically require no processing.
Commonly used steel grades CDCM-SPCC
(SPCD, SPCE, ST12, ST13, ST14, BLC, BLD, BUSD, BUFD, BSUFD, etc.), but their performance is basically the same.

4. Galvanized;

5. Aluminum zinc plating: 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon are plated onto the surface of the steel plate using a continuous molten coating process.
(1) It has good durability and has a longer life than galvanized steel plate;
(2) It has good heat resistance and is less likely to discolor at high temperatures than galvanized steel plates;
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