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Welcome Indonesian customers to visit GNEE STEEL

Welcome Indonesian customers to visit GNEE STEEL

Welcome Indonesian customers to visit GNEE STEEL

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Welcome Indonesian customers to visit GNEE STEEL

Anyang, we announce with enthusiasm that GNEE STEEL warmly welcomes Indonesian customers to explore our production base and product range together.

As a company committed to providing high-quality steel products and professional services, GNEE STEEL has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “quality first, customer first”. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality galvanized steel products that meet the needs of various industries, covering construction, manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

During this visit, customers will have the opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of our advanced production technology and strict quality control system. We will show our production lines, warehousing facilities and efficient logistics management to our customers so that they can feel our commitment to product quality and on-time delivery.

At the same time, we will introduce our product series to customers, including hot-rolled steel plates, cold-rolled steel plates, galvanized steel plates, etc., as well as customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.

galvanized sheet

GNEE company advantages
1. Quality guaranteed.
The raw materials of galvanized steel and silicon steel come from many well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, and Nippon Steel. We have the highest quality materials. Secondly, our company has a complete quality assurance system to ensure that you get the best products from procurement to delivery.
2. Price concessions. The prices of our company’s oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel products are at the middle level in the industry and are known for their high cost performance. There is still a lot of room for price. We look forward to your needs. We will provide you with the most suitable quotation.
3. On-time delivery and stable cooperation. GNEE has five years of trading experience since its establishment in 2008. Good service is a constant requirement and has always been the case. You can be assured of our timely delivery and flexibility to expand supply.
4. The service is trustworthy. We have always been a high-quality supplier of Made in China Network and have been committed to foreign trade. We sincerely and warmly welcome you to visit us for guidance, improve our shortcomings, learn new technologies, improve product performance, and achieve mutual benefit.

We look forward to having a great time with our Indonesian customers and sharing our expertise and experience. We believe this visit will further deepen our cooperation and achieve a win-win situation together.

Welcome you, Indonesian customers, to visit GNEE STEEL and start our journey of cooperation in a bright future together!


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